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Pablo Donaldo was born in 1967 in Viña del Mar, Chile, and since he was a child he experienced that music and
poetry was necessary ingredients in his existence.

As every composer and singer Pablo Donaldo has a beginning, which origins from other musicians and poets,
who serve as references to his music. There are Michael Hedges, Pat Metheny and Jimi Hendrix among others.
It is with them in the background Pablo Donaldo throw himself out in the world of music, with compositions
twined between jazz and his Latin American heritage. These compositions move you and tell the story of a long
walk, a history that start from every human’s most fundamental perspective.

"My musical style, as well as my life, are a mixture of impressions, a mixture of all that touches and have touched
me. I experience my compositions as small and natural synthesis of the person I am and this independent of any
commercial pressure. From my point of view the commercial interest must never dominate the benefits and profits
of art."